a few of our favorite things…我们一些最喜欢的


local food 

dumplings, sweet & sour pork (jarod’s personal favorite), spicy cucumber, dried, spicy green beans (jennifer’s personal favorite), a dab of soy sauce, and of course, the must haves – rice & tea 

adoption website*

being that we are in the adoption process, you can probably understand why we love following other families through the process…we especially enjoying reading updates from one little boy adopted from the orphanage in our city!  J 

on-line scrap booking* 

i love pictures, but scrap booking proved to be one of the most stressful hobbies i’ve ever tried.  solution:  on-line, oops free scrap booking (or photobooking, as they call it).  move the pictures, change layouts, reword your captions all you want!  better yet, walmart holds your scrapbook on their server for a whole year!  simply put:  i have a whole year to decide if everything is just right… and all this for a reasonable price!


according to jarod, a view of the ocean and a quick dip is the perfect way to relax… however, jennifer prefers trekking through tree covered mountains.  too bad the two seldom meet up! 

jarod says, “hoorah for hawaii!”  (planned visit mid ’08)

jennifer says, “coming soon my dear colorado!” (planned visit mid ’09)


if you love someone who’s a continent away… thanks to the age of technology they’re just a download away… with skype, computer to computer calls are free!  yep, that’s right, free! computer to phone… that’s more like 3 cents a minute.  now, i think that’s doable!J 


we truly believe pets make a home.  be it dog, rabbit, fish or some form of varmint, a pet is a perfect addition to any family!  if nothing else, it’s one sure way to have a friend and keep you humble all at the same time!   

christian radio

music –www.ksbj.org    talk –www.kkht.com

say what you may about contemporary music not being so contemporary… but when we’re starved for like-minded entertainment, we’ve found ksbj and kkht to be great sources of encouragement.  btw:  kkht lets you listen to any broadcast at any time.  that’s just plain cool!

 david crowder video

click this picture for cool david crowder video (wma)

and lastly, kudos go to…

amazon.com for allowing us to read all those helpful reviews & walmart.com for 97 cents shipping on all books! 

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previously known as the young rockin' couple on the east side. we've been on the east side for 8 years now, and we've grown from 2 to 4!

One thought on “a few of our favorite things…我们一些最喜欢的

  1. Those are very cool things indeed. When I first read KKHT, KJIC came to mind instead, and I started to wonder, but then my mind refocused. KKHT is awesome for 3 reasons, Hank, Sproul, and Moehler. So are yall really going to Hawaii? You have to take the LOST tour and see all the filming locations. Someday I will. Yall are two of my favorite things.

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