the red carpet – 优惠待遇

over 2 years ago, we (jd2) were the first westerners to ever study on our campus.  the 2 teams that just arrived are the second group.  there’s a stark difference between how the school received us and how they are receiving the teams that just arrived.                                             

                                                           us        them

picked up from airport                     yes      yes

given a room to stay in                    yes      yes welcome reception                          no       yes

custom installation of necessities  no       yes

introduction to students                   no       yes

teacher’s that speak english           no       yes

introduction to campus                    no       yes

trees on campus                              no       yes

classes set up for westerners         no       yes

free t-shirts                                        no       yes

trip to scenic sites outside of town  no       yes

teachers that don’t yell at you           no       yes

trip to museum of WWII mayhem     yes      yes

trip to largest coal pit in asia            yes      yes 

however, there are some things that have still not changed.  each day the schedule seems to be in a state of flux, and punctuality is still not very important… unless a large event is about to take place – thus everything must be dropped immediately for that task!  i.e. – today the school had a big welcoming ceremony that we did not know about.  we were told it was an “orientation”.  we were surprised to find that just 2 hours before, we were asked to review speeches in preparation.  when we arrived in our shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops, we were shocked to see a very large formal meeting room complete with a large crowd, vice-president of the university, a large formal banner in chinese and english printed just fir the occasion, lots of cameras (video & still frame), and other staff members wearing western suits.  

jennifer at ceremonywelcoming ceremony

off and running!

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