bouyant big boy ball – 飘飘地大人球

it was only 1 month ago when we first saw pictures of it, we couldn’t believe our eyes!!!  people were rolling around in thier very own hamster ball, and all for the price of just over $1!! 

we flew back home as soon as we could to find the these odd humongous balls are, in fact, taking over where ever water is found! 

you read it right here – human hamster balls are here!!  jennifer and i couldn’t hold back, and we decided to finally give it a spin. 

step 1: bargain your brains out so that you don’t pay too much. 

step 2: remove all metal objects and shoes

step 3: wait patiently for the goofy people who got in your ball while you were bargaining to finish making fools of themselves in front of all the land dwellers

step 4: when your ball comes ashore, wait until it deflates, and then step inside

step 5: press on the sides of the deflated ball while they pump it with air and tell you that 10 minutes is no problem, but if you start to run out of air, spin the ball back as soon as possible for a refill, but never unzip it yourself

step 6: after they zip your ball up, do not touch the wet, sticky rag at the bottom – everyone else has used it to wipe up their sweat!

step 7: when they roll you onto the water, work with all your might to stay standing up.  those hamsters really are amazing!

step 8: go nuts in your ball for about 4 minutes and then pass out from exhaustion

step 9:  don’t panic when you discover that you have almost no control over what direction your ball goes as you realize that you’re running out of air…

step 10:  don’t worry too much about the puddle that accumulates under your back while you’re laying in the ball wondering where your next breath of air is going to come from…it’s everyone else’s body fluids in there with you!!!

step 11: get the ball on shore and get out (this is by the land dwellers pulling you in with a rope)

step 12:  laugh like crazy with all of your friends about how much fun it was to be in your own hamster ball on the water!!!

rollie pollie jarod

i love my bubble!

fill me up!

jennifer in hamster ball

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