jarod’s sweet nothings… 毛大龙的甜而已…

the conquistadores originally came to America in search of you but had to settle with 7 cities of gold. 

some say that planes were invented to search for your amazing beauty, but you weren’t born yet so they went to war out of despair. 

the reason God made the earth rotate is so that everyone would have many chances to see his best creation – you! 

the reason your large intestine is so long is because not even your food wants to leave you!  

one day a famous painter was dreaming of the most beautiful thing imaginable.  when he woke up he painted what he dreamt about.  in time the whole world wanted to know what he had seen. when it was finally revealed, everyone agreed that it was the greatest painting ever.  it was a painting of you!

one day a philosopher was asked one of the most difficult questions of all time.  what does true love look like?   his answer was simply, “jd2!”

today i sold the fan and it cried for the first time because it knows that it will never blow air on your beautiful face again.  it’s only hope is to be melted down and come back as another servant tool for you! 

today the rain is falling because you could not go outside long enough yesterday for the world to see your beauty.  nature is crying. 

when puppies are born, their eyes are shut because they know that the first thing they would see would not be you. 

the entire airline industry was created to ensure that the most eyeballs possible would be able to be blessed enough to catch a view of your radiant beauty. 

today a bunch of people spotted ufos looking for something.  when asked what they wanted they said they wanted to visit the universally famed most beautiful creature ever – 金银蝶 (Jin Yin Die).

when the earthlings heard this they became afraid that the extraterrestrials wanted to steal our most prized Jennifer, so an intergalactic war of  unprecedented proportions broke out.

if people were plants, you are the lily among the weeds! 

my love for u is like how the moon loves the earth.   my world revolves around u baby!

planets have destroyed themselves in hopes that pieces of themselves will fall to earth to be closer to you.

you are my spring flower.

i love you like bears love honey.


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previously known as the young rockin' couple on the east side. we've been on the east side for 8 years now, and we've grown from 2 to 4!

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