french toast, asian style… 法烤面包,亚式…

recently we had friends over for western breakfast.  figuring we should make something that would be reproducible we decided to go with french toast, eggs & bacon.

our friends arrived at 9am hungry & probably had a bit of a shock when they realized they would be receiving a culinary lesson & preparing their own breakfasts!  but they took to it well & even took a few notes.

below are a few pics of their endeavor to create what we call western breakfast:

dsc06815-2.jpg…with a dash of cinnamon…

dsc06818-2.jpg…and a little sizzle…

dsc06819-2.jpg…a yummy breakfast was had by all…

when we all had finished our breakfast we asked them if they liked it.  they said yes, which was evident by their empty plates, but said that they would add salt to their french toast instead of sugar!

why, you ask?  because everyone knows that eggs & salt go together!

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