jd2 big c bike adventures 我们的中国自行车冒险

we’ve only been here 2.5 years, but our experience with bicycles here in the big c seems to grow daily.  thus, i will give you simple bullet items and only 1 story.

-bought 3 & rented dozens

-had one stolen at the police stand

-snapped off numerous peddles while riding

-snapped off 1 seat while riding (ouch!)

-broken many other seats, but at least they stayed on while I was riding

-blow out numerous tires while riding

-had numerous ornaments and other objects placed on the bikes so that we can better recognize them – stolen!

-have had our bikes so caked in dirt, that we cannot determine where our bikes were

-raced many different kinds of construction vehicles, I always manage to beat the tank type front end loaders.

-had to weld the pedal to the gears so that my bike would move forward.

-constantly told that the reason my bikes keep breaking is that i’m too big – it’s not a quality problem.

-discovered that gear shifters are only for decoration J

today’s experience was all brand new.  i (jarod) decided that since my classes are finally over – i should go for a bike ride for exercise.  in front of me were some abandoned buses that were being repaired, and they were lining the side of the road i was on.  i was keeping an eye out to see if people were on the buses, but they all appeared empty.  i was looking at the buildings around me when bam!  i found myself stumbling along the ground to keep my feet, and when i turned around i saw my bike skidding to a halt and another man laying flat on the ground.  his friends came across the street to laugh at him, and i asked if he was okay, but in my mind i was trying to figure out what happened. i also noticed that my face and right side was all wet, so I was looking for his water bottle, but… there wasn’t one.  All his other stuff was laying all over the street, but no water.  i then realized that it was his spit all over my face and arm!!  yuck!!  it turns out that the exact moment i was going by his bus, he decided to show off for his friends by jumping off, and since i was twice his size – he’s the one who got mowed down. he laid flat on his face for a few minutes.   i laughed the rest of my 45 minute bike ride, but i  also noticed that he broke my handle bars.  oh well – it’s the price you pay for entertainment here. J

below is a picture of me trying to fix the damage.


jarod’s bike repair

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