open house… 展览会…

we notice this time of year that there are A LOT of prego women waddling around town.  it’s really simple to understand.  about 7 or 8 months ago the sun was setting at 4 pm, the temperature was well below freezing… and so it’s not such a mystery why the summer months (& fall season) produce lots of little offspring!

the summer months are like an open house.  everyone carries their baby (or grandbaby, as in most cases around here) outside.  we’re not sure of the primary purpose, but one thing is for sure – there’s lots of showing off & socializing.  for us it’s especially exciting as we meet so many new babies – babies that were once confined to the house or hidden under a zillion layers.  and many of them come baring all.  though they may be sporting pants, they are split pants.  and though they may have hair it has been shaved & a dusting of powder in it’s place.  needless to say, there’s a lot of openness.  🙂 

baby boy 4.5 months   baby girl 4 monthsbaby boy 6 months

and it’s during this time that we feel most alive.  the openness of the people, the good humor, and the laid back atmosphere are a welcoming sight after a long, hibernating winter…

recently i (Jennifer) have found myself laughing & giggling a lot in the cool evenings as i make my rounds from baby to baby.  smushing their little cheeks, dotting on them & blowing kisses are some of my favorite things to do.

recently i was coming back from a trip downtown when i walked through the gate of our apartment complex.  immediately i caught sight of a family and their 4 month old.  after making eye contact we walked to each other.  i took a few minutes to ewe & ahh on the cutie.  i think he was also amused at the big nose foreigner!

the people here really get a kick out of my silliness.  in fact, i’ve already found a friend who said she would crochet a baby hat for me… now all we need is Red Butterfly!

looking forward to our own open house next summer!!!

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