big head stickers 大头贴

yes…big head stickers, that’s the translation for this type of sticker photography. 

here’s how you to get your own big head stickers (in fusion):

1. find a friend who’s willing to do it – which usually isn’t too difficult unless they’re a westerner 🙂

2. go to the big head place (there’s lots to choose from).

3. go through lots & lots of books to choose the perfect picture frames.

4. hand the helper a list of numbers indicating which frames you have chosen then tell him/her what size and how many.

5. listen to the helper tell you about all the obscure buttons on the keyboard and what they do and wonder in amazement as you anticipate your first big head stickers.

6. get in the small, often overcrowded picture booth.

7. hit “enter” to take a picture and “esc” to reject.  you can only reject twice.

8. decide what type of finish laminate you want on your stickers as they try to sell you all kinds of other useless stuff.

9. pay 10 kuai ( about $1.30) for 4 sheets of stickers and leave happy!

🙂 here are some samples 🙂

big head 4   big head 3

big head 1   big head 7

big head 8   big head 2

big head 6

so fun!

each picture has a story… so come to fusion to make memories that are sure to stick!

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One thought on “big head stickers 大头贴

  1. Teehee. I took a picture with the green m & m, too! 🙂 I also found one with Osama bin Laden and had to take one with him, too, just for the outrageousness of it.

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