innovative s.e. asia 创新的东南亚

at the mulit-level wal-mart i saw ladies transporting their items from one level to another by placing them on the handrail of the escalator, and placing a box at the bottom to catch them.

at the movie theater, we were looking for our seat numbers, and we were obviously in the dark since all the seat numbers are on the back of the chairs!  each person had to go one row back to see their seat number.

we learned on a plane that:

– in an emergency the oxygen masks will “jump out at me”

-my seatbelt should be suckerly fastened

-the “common people” will get “excessive” service

-the movie review of the queen says “in 1997, the news of queen diana’s death had shocked the whole world, the sorrowful citizens were not content with the apartness and obviation of the household and they were excited at that time…”

-the book review of the village of one person says “the village of 1 person provides a good platform in which a person is appeased by the folk wisdom that is included in the process of his imagining himself as a flower or a dog.”


thai beach sign:

“hairextension hairbraid wholeleg underarm thankyou”

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previously known as the young rockin' couple on the east side. we've been on the east side for 8 years now, and we've grown from 2 to 4!

2 thoughts on “innovative s.e. asia 创新的东南亚

  1. Hi Jennifer & Jarod – I hope ya’ll are having a good time. What I want to know is,”How do you know about the oxygen masks “jumping” out at you”? Well I just wanted to say Hi and I LOVE YOU.

    Mom Elliott

  2. I need to go to Thailand for that hairextension hairbraid wholeleg underarm – I think it could add a lot to my look.
    See you in a month!

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