book store story 书店故事

recently we visited the local book store and learned some new things based on the signage for each book section.  the good thing is that we were able to understand what the chinese on each sign said.  however, if you were to only look at the english, you would be able to write your own story.  it might go something like this….


bill wanted to enroll his son junior in school and was happy to discover that…

primary school

bill did find it odd that there is only 1 primary school and….

6 yr primary school

bill decided to enroll junior, but was distraught to discover that there are…

middle school

“9 grades of middle school!?!” bill shouted as he went through the roof.  “junior will be 21 when he starts high school!”  “don’t worry,” said the registrar.  “junior will have a very solid education by the time he gets there. in primary school he will study…” 




“you see?” said the registrar. “junior will learn even more stuff in his 9 years of middle school.” “such as?” says bill. the registrar went on, “well there’s…




“junior will also discover that…” 


“and he will get plenty of practice in how to…”


bill was satisfied at this point, but he wanted to know what junior would be eating during his 12 hours away from home.  the registrar could read his mind, so she gave bill the lunch menu for each week… 

mac n cheese


and for dessert, there would be lots of….


bill wasn’t very happy about the lunch menu, but decided it was more nutritious than the food vendors lined up outside the school.  besides, bill was more interested in the books sitting behind the registrar.

elongation book


bill asked why the registrar had these books behind her desk.  she replied that after middle school junior would need to do some self study to get into a good high school so he would need to learn how to elongate his life.  bill asked how long would junior need to be in self study.  then the registrar pointed bill to the last book section…

 7 yeaws

at this point, bill was thoroughly convinced that the six year primary school was junior’s ticket to a good nine grades of junior middle school… that is, as long as junior remembered to elongate his life!

 …47 years later…

 junior finally graduates from college with a degree in spinning and printing and duyeing.


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