in the post “here i am denying it” i think it is noteworthy that the trash picture included was on day 8 of our 16 day strike! things are smelling better now 🙂

“chinese wedding photo” votes are in & they have been tallied…
most people voted more than once, so in 8 voters, we pulled 14 votes!
so, here’s what you voted:
picture #1 – 4 votes!
picture #2 – 1 vote
picture #3 – 3 votes
picture #4 – 1 vote
picture #5 – 2 votes
picture #6 – 1 vote
picture #7 – 0 votes… we’ll chalk that one up to being a late entry! 😉
we also had 2 “other picture” votes thanks to faithful flickr viewers!

thanks for voting your favorites with us!

here’s a few notes on the dresses highlighted in this post:
the brown dress (as in picture #1) is actually not a dress at all. but more like a large sheet which was wrapped around me, twisted on the ends & safety pinned into place. kind of like a sarong.
and as for Jarod… he wasn’t supposed to be in these pictures. i made him put on his street clothes (what he actually wore to the photo shoot) & insisted that he join me. and i’m so glad i did! these are our favorite photos too!
our photo package included a 20 x 20 print of forest 3.
pictures #3 & 4 are showing off my custom made silk dress. knowing that we wanted to have fun photos made & thinking they would be more like real wedding photos (ha!) we hand picked the fabric & designed it ourselves. of course, we handed the actual work over to a local tailor & voila – there it is! btw: the gold accent is detailed with dragons and Jarod bought me the pearls as a special gift.
picture #2 supposedly highlights marriage costumes from history… though we’re not really sure which part of history! :0
you could have probably guessed it (or maybe not) – Jarod picked out the english country side outfits!
the dresses is photos #5 & 7 were a wee bit too small, but most hilarious (besides my inability to sit in the little numbers) was Jarod’s assigned pale blue & burnt orange suits! i think next time i’ll let Jarod pick the suits & then i’ll find dresses that match! even though they were obnoxious he did a great job having fun!

waiting is the hardest:  we got word late last week that our wait for our little girl may be stretched out for 18 months… that would make her homecoming around Christmas ’08.   for more updated info visit the “lil’ red butterfly” link… 

in case you didn’t realize/or have forgotten:  sporadically we update our links to the right.  the last date we updated the link will be posted next to the link so you can browse at your own leisure. 

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