1 more 还有一条


how did it happen you ask?

2.5 years ago – we bought xiao xiong mao

10 months ago – xiao xiong mao received a very traumatic surgery to keep her from having puppies

2 weeks later – she finally recovered after almost dying several times

march 2007 – we get back from traveling to discover that she still goes into heat

for the next several months after that – we wonder what body part the doctor cut out and threw away/how can she go into heat?

august 2007 – we travel for medical reasons and vacation / xiao xiong mao goes to baby sitter (secretly meets boy dog)

october 2007 – we travel again / xiao xiong mao sees baby sitter again

6 days ago – we discover that xiao xiong mao is prego / we assume that she found a boy dog in october / find on the internet that dogs have a 9 week gestation period thus we think we have another month

today – we are all praying and xiao xiong mao starts to scream really loud, and we all think that she’s dying – because after all – she has 5 more weeks to go.  soon after, one baby female puppy is born and jennifer has to clean it’s throat out

thus – just one week ago we had two “normal” dogs.  today – we have 3. 

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previously known as the young rockin' couple on the east side. we've been on the east side for 8 years now, and we've grown from 2 to 4!

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