v.i.s.t.a. 破软件

recently, our home group bought us a new super-small and light laptop that is amazing on so many different levels.  thanks dpfbc!

however, we have discovered some problems with the software.  i used to not be a microsoft hater, but i am amazed that a multi-billion dollar software package can suck so bad.  once we found out what the “vista” of windows vista really means – things make much more sense.

Very Inadequate Software That’s Awful

equally as pathetic is the new office 2007, where they managed to take all the positive aspects of the older versions of the software out, and managed to make simple steps very complicated – thus helping to ensure that anything i do will take twice as long as it used to.

even more ridiculous is the new internet explorer by microsoft.  this new program is unable to do the simplest of tasks that it’s predecesors could do with ease.  i am not even able to log on to this website for some unknown reason…so i have to do the work from my old computer that seems to not even struggle with it.

 so now i have a new computer that is designed to take on all kinds of information with the best hardware on the market, and it has been successfully crippled by incredibly poor software that makes the highest profit margins imaginable…

a better name for all of the software released by microsoft recently should be…

microsof whiners professional ,internet exploiter & awful 2007

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