sitting for a month 坐月子

in our new culture, there is a tradition that is difficult for us to understand, although we understand more than we did before. we completely disagree with this custom, as well as the bad science that is behind it (we won’t go into detail about all the reasoning), but we now accept it as cultural norm.

when a mother gives birth, it is the custom for the mom and baby to stay indoors and not take a bath for 1 month. this is literally translated as “sitting for a month”. since our dog mysteriously had a puppy, we found out that this is expected of dogs as well.

out of respect for our new culture, we have agreed, in part, with leaving the puppy inside for the month, but the mommy, 小熊猫, still goes outside 4 times a day to go potty, and gets her weekly bath – much to the dismay of our neighbors. they are happy, however, that we keep the puppy inside for the month. only 9 days to go, and “little fatty” (小胖子)finally gets to be on the outside!

ha ha

what a mommy

good panda dogs!

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