10 things i learned while riding my bike at -10 C 我骑车在零下十度的时候发现的十件事

10. One can’t ride very fast since the slightest uncovered portion of his body will scream in frozen pain.
9. Ice on one’s bicycle seat will melt soon after he starts riding and give him a new frozen feeling where it is least welcome.
8. One must bring a lighter to heat his locks up to get the ice out of them so that he can insert his keys.
7. One needs to wear really thick gloves so that his hands don’t go numb and stop working.
6. One’s brakes don’t work very well when his hands are too cold to work.
5. Ice is where one least expects it.
4. One can’t turn very well on ice.
3. One shouldn’t ride on the snow since he can’t see what’s under it.
2. Wind proof clothes are a must so that it won’t feel like one is naked do to his near frost-bitten state.
1. One shouldn’t ride his bike when it is -10⁰C (14⁰F).

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