12 years 十二年

12 years… what can happen in 12 years… well:

1. 3 different presidents can be elected
2. 12 different teams can win the superbowl
3. 1 mouse can have 1,928,3987,123,498 children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great great …
4. most dogs will have lived their entire life span
5. the earth will have gone around the sun 12 times
6. jarod will have eaten 13,140 meals (- snacks)
7. jennifer will have purchased 1,314 pairs of shoes
8. the world will have guzzled bazzillions of cokes
9. 28 different fad diets will have come and gone
10. the big fuzzy dragon and the gold and silver butterfly have been in love for exactly this long on december 31, 2007. (for the mathematicians – we started dating december 31, 1995)

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About jdavis2

previously known as the young rockin' couple on the east side. we've been on the east side for 8 years now, and we've grown from 2 to 4!

3 thoughts on “12 years 十二年

  1. Hey Jarod and Jennifer!

    This is Christy Reyner from the NC team this past summer. Hope yall are doing well! I love catching up with you on your website! Jennifer- I hope you are feeling much better and that yall had a wonderful Christmas! Chad and I are getting married in June- so we too are looking forward to this year! Can’t wait to hopefully hear about your family of 3 later on in 2008! I think about yall frequently!

    Love – Christy

    …and somehow I dont recieve the update emails- my address is cr63203@appstate.edu… thanks!

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