frost bitten 冻伤的

it’s that time of year again.  we’re getting into the part of the season where the cold is starting to have it’s tightest grip.  the average temperatures range from 12 F to -10 F.  the good news is that in less than one week, we get to escape the worst part of the winter and head south!  last year it was -20F when we got on the plane and 80F when we got off!

also, starting about 1 month ago, all of our windows were frozen shut, and we’d thought that we’d share with you what that looks like.  the weird part is that we are actually getting used to this kind of weather.  the previous few winters were no colder than this one, but we felt colder.  either way, we are happy to soon be flying toward that land of the sun! (and to see friends of course 🙂 )

it's cold

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