taking it easy…休息休息吧

currently we’re sitting in the airport starbucks.
we had a nifty lunch of (self-made) sandwhiches & (self-bought) vietnamese spring rolls.  life is good!
and as far as starbucks, and internet connection for that matter goes, we earned our 4 seats & 2 tables by buying 1 overpriced mocha and 1 yummy chai.

we’re heading out towards the land of the sun & smiles for a few days of r&r.

why go to all the expense & continued incovenience of living out of a suitcase or 2 when we’ve already been gone from our lovely home, and let us not forget the pups, for nearly a month you ask!?!?

well, that’s a good question! here’s the simple answer. we could either 1) return home (meaning the frozen tundra) & catch up on sleep or 2) we could head for the beach where we’ll be doing the same exact thing – sleeping, but under the warm blaze of the sun. and the decision that sent us over the edge – because really, it doesn’t matter all that much where i sleep – is the fact that i won’t feel guilty for sleeping so much in sun as i would say, where my friends are waiting to connect with me. so, to sum it up: it’s a decision based on sleep-ability-ness AND a choice to not feel guilty doing so!

oh… but don’t get me wrong… there are so many things/people/places i long for. to name a few:
green beans
seamstress friend & son
my own bed
affordable, dependable transportation
green beans
2 fun guys & 2 cool girls we happen to know
stationary stores
cheap stuff
several excited bro’s & sis’s
dong bei food in general, especially green beans

the list literally could go on & on. but i figure i MUST stop because every time i type green beans i slobber on the keyboard!

here’s to taking it easy…
until i can get some yummy sichuan style spicy with ma jiao green beans!

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previously known as the young rockin' couple on the east side. we've been on the east side for 8 years now, and we've grown from 2 to 4!

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