apt. hunting (…finally continued!) 才找到房子了!

that was one heck of a cliff hanger… i hope it wasn’t as torturous for you as when LOST decided to wait until mid-season before airing their new episodes!

so picking up, where we left off… 

with few options remaining i came up with an ingenious plan (if i might say so myself!).  the plan was to write our own ad describing our requirements (which at this point seemed unattainable), include our phone number on tear strips and post it at the front gate of our current apt. complex in hopes that someone would respond.  and so after typing it in chinese and having it proof read (kudos to jarod as it was deemed “perfect” by our local friends) jarod ventured out late during the guise of night and posted it so that people wouldn’t know that a foreigner was looking lest the price might double.

when i awoke the next day i noticed 2 tear strips missing.  we were ecstatic.  by the mid-morning all the numbers were gone!  surely we should get a bite!  the day drug on – no call.  maybe, we thought, someone was cruel enough to take all the numbers to give us false hope.

but then that night the phone rang.  the voice on the other end said they had an apt. for rent that was 100 sq. meters and they told us the price – non-negotiable.  we made arrangements to see it.

the next day we went over to see the house and instantly we felt very comfortable with the apt. owners even though they were surprised that we weren’t chinese.  they weren’t pushy, nor were they showy.  they just let us take our time and talk.  it was such a relief.

we learned that they, like most people here, were laid off of their jobs and simply couldn’t afford the apt. any more.  at 37 neither of them had jobs and with a 13 year old in school we felt for them – though neither one of them solicited any form of compassion.  in fact, they were embarrassed by their situation, which made us hurt for them, and all the others in their situation, even more.

we quickly came to an agreement on the conditions in which we would be willing to rent.

the next day we returned to sign a contract.  a few days later we returned to pay our deposit, 1 years rent (yes, that’s how they do things on this side) and receive the keys.

for pictures, click here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7898377@N03/

pros/cons of our 3rd home:
pro: bike ride to school
pro: already know all of our neighbors
pro: convenient location (for school, outdoor market, bus stop, bank, & the ever important, restaurants!)
pro: we can keep our helper (as she lives on this side of town)
pro: we will not be living in an apt. where we store all of the apt. owners stuff (as we currently are)
pro: we can keep the same hairdressers, dog food vendors, post office, etc.
pro: the 2 girls will soon be moving to the same apt. complex
pro: fridge located in the kitchen!
pro: due to open layout, it feels much bigger (plenty of play space!)
pro: our little girl will have a nice room, as opposed to a storage space with her bed in it (unlike in our current apt.)
pro: we both agreed on it without anyone’s arm being twisted 🙂
bonus pro: we really like our apt. owners
con: the outdoor market is directly outside our bedroom window (very dirty, very loud, very early)
con: apt. located on the 5th floor (i just keep telling myself “work it girl!”)
con: still in a location that has very bad air quality
con: must now invest in a washing machine (which we already took into consideration when we saw the previous 2 apts.)
bonus pro/con: the apt. has been “well lived in” thus we don’t have to stress about scratching the walls. however, it’s not exactly the condition we would have chosen…

bonus, bonus pro: this will not only be our 3rd home in fusion in 3 years, but it will be our first home with the addition of red butterfly… that thought alone makes us very, very happy!

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previously known as the young rockin' couple on the east side. we've been on the east side for 8 years now, and we've grown from 2 to 4!

3 thoughts on “apt. hunting (…finally continued!) 才找到房子了!

  1. Wow! I do love a flier. That’s how we found our helper. We just went down to the market & passed out fliers. I’m sorry that your landlord’s can’t afford their apartment anymore, but I’m also thankful for His provision for them. You guys are pros! You can slap on a coat of paint & make it look fabulous again! I’ve heard that the washers with the front load are better on clothes than the top loading. (Just a tip since you need to buy one.) We also live on the 5th floor. You’ll get use to it! Even carrying up at 23lb. little one. Builds muscle! Ok! Just really happy for you guys!

  2. hahaha love the opening line!
    and the pictures are nice! i really like the feel of the kitchen/dining room area.

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