the (health) ball is rolling…

<this post is from j, the girl.> 

on april 1st i got the long awaited referral to see the “internist of internists.”  this makes my 3rd one.

on april 2nd i flew out to meet this “medicine man.”

on april 3rd i sat in front of him.  as i sat in front of him i was embarrased as i was simply at a loss for words.  how do you sum up 3 years of pain, discomfort and fatigue in 3 minutes?

i suddenly felt my “last ditch effort” was quickly being flushed down the toilet as i couldn’t vocalize all i have been through.

after writing down a brief history he called a quick recess.  i was disappointed as his impatience with me seemed to be growing and my frustration at my circumstances seemed to make me cave in even more!  the word “desperation” comes to mind.

when we resumed our visit he performed a thorough physical exam, scribbled a few notes then sat back with his eyes closed.  he placed his hands over his eyes and i couldn’t help but wonder if he was either trying to perform majic by wishing me to suddenly disappear or if he simply felt the need to begin hibernating at that very moment.

a few moments later he comforted me with, “just a moment, i’m thinking…”  what a relief!

i got the impression that he was working me out like a puzzle.  i suddenly had confidence in him.  so a few minutes later i was given simple instructions to return on sat. morning after a 12 hour fast.  he plans to run some tests and i can then return home on sun.

prying these tests will yield results – one way or the other!

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2 thoughts on “the (health) ball is rolling…

  1. Hey girl, I’m so glad you’re getting to see a good doc. We’ll keep asking the Best Doctor to work things all out. Love you and can’t wait to see you in a few days!

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