the (health) ball feelin’ a bit deflated…

<this is from j, the girl.  part III>

i am worn out.

worn out physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

today i had a scope put down my throat to get a better idea of what, if anything, is happening in my small intestine.

after getting just 4 hours of sleep last night, the anesthesia was a nice gift as it allowed me to sleep during the procedure and several hours after!

preliminary results are:  stomach is ‘normal’.  some biopsies have also come back ‘normal’.  more results will be available tomorrow.

all dr’s involved believe it really is endometriosis.

i on the other hand, really believe that if this doesn’t get straightened out soon i’m gonna go crazy!

thank you for your pryrs…

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2 thoughts on “the (health) ball feelin’ a bit deflated…

  1. We are so thankful you are getting to see some medical experts & will have a final decision! Once everything has been determined, I hope they can offer you a great treatment plan to feeling better soon.

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