steven curtis chapman in china 斯蒂芬。科特斯。查普曼在中国

steven curtis chapman - banner

last week we got to experience a first.  a first for northeast asia, a first for a major christian artist, and a first for us.  steven curtis chapman got to play a real live concert in northeast asia for locals & foreigners alike for the first time, and we got to go to it – which is our first real concert to go to in over 3 years! 

  the concert was amazingly open and many of the songs and all of the testimonies were translated into the local language.  it was awesome.  i also discovered something else…he is a terrific musician and so are his sons who played with him!  they impressed the entire sold-out crowd that was made up mostly of asians.  rock on! 

steven curtis chapman - stage

 there’s also a really bad quality video on our vimeo site that i took with my cell phone (since our camera battery died), but you can get a good feel for what it was like to be there.  just click on the following link:


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