welcome home…

it took some courage (on my part) & lots of patience (on Jarod’s part) to pack up & leave the comfort of our home in HK.

post surgery i spent 5 days inside resting my weak & sore body. on day 6 i ventured outside. i was soon exhausted but thankful for the beautiful sky and awesome weather. i was most thankful for a positive follow-up appointment with the doctor. it was then i began to become more apprehensive about leaving on Wed. – just one week after the surgery. though the doctor gave me the “all clear” i was starting to fear the inconveniences of living in the big c… such as the 5 flights of stairs to our apartment.

the next day i sucked it up – my fears that is – and ventured out for lunch (so thankful that i did) and was ultimately able to accomplish everything that needed to be done (thanks Jarod for carrying OUR load).

the flight took 4 hours… but wasn’t too bad as more than 1/2 the plane was empty.

although HK is now part of the big c, we still have to go through immigration when we land. so it was that we too had to partake in this ritual. as foreigners we had the added bonus of being questioned by the guard on hand. they asked every foreigner passing through the purpose of their trip, where they are staying, how long, etc. it was nice to have such an inquisitive welcoming committee!!!

when our taxi friend finally arrived we ventured out into the cold night… across the wide expanse of a parking lot and into the taxi lot.

an hour later we arrived home at midnight and headed straight for bed!

the next morning Jarod got up & left early for class – what a committed student he is! i woke a bit later 😉 only to discover we didn’t have any water.

our inquiries into this dilemma only yielded “no, the water is not turned off. the water pressure is low.” that may be true, but that means that living on the 5th floor = no water! & of course, no they don’t know when the “water pressure” will return.

we went all day feeling quite disgusting. at midnight i checked on the “water pressure” to find that it still yielded no water. Jarod woke up a couple of hours later and finding the water pressure had increased to the point of providing a trickle, filled up every container available.

that stored water became his “bath” when he got up for class.

as always the worst part of not having water is not knowing how long you’ll be without it.

our life without water lasted 24 hours… when it did finally return i was finally able to say to myself “welcome home”!

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previously known as the young rockin' couple on the east side. we've been on the east side for 8 years now, and we've grown from 2 to 4!

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