jarod’s view of the olympics 关于奥运会毛大龙的角度

The 2008 Beijing Olympic games were awesome in so many ways, but there’s still one thing that bugs me about the Olympics in general…events that are set up to provide gold medals for non-sport events.  Thus, I have decided to write down my own list of stupid Olympic non-sports that should either be removed from the games or given medals made of lesser materials such as aluminum or fool’s gold. J


1.       Air pistols

2.       Air rifles

3.       Archery (but it’s too classic to get rid of)

4.       Speed walking

5.       Rhythmic gymnastics

6.       Equestrian events

7.       Fencing (but still too classic to get rid of)

8.       Synchronized swimming

9.       Hand ball

10.   Light-weight weight lifting


The first 4 are just as about as ridiculous as it can be, and I would find myself getting angry that a basketball player who plays 10 different games over the course of 2 weeks gets the same gold medal as the couch potato who shoots an air pistol over the course of 1 day.


If the IOC is going to continue to provide for these non-sporting events, they should at least provide some kind of weighted system or allow other non-sports in that are as equally as absurd such as chess, bowling, video games, dog racing, hotdo eating,snake charming, or jump roping.  Sure all of these require skill, but not athleticism.  A weighted system could look something like a volley ball player receiving a medal that has 10 times the gold in it as a horse jockey, while the horse gets 4 times the gold as the jockey.  


Besides, I still think the IOC should allow real sports in like football or rugby.  Since they are going to ban baseball and softball, why don’t they at least add dodge ball or ultimate frisbee.  These would be far more “sportier” than walking as fast as one could J.

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