chinglish… 中式的英语…

the locals are way too prideful to admit that they need help from outsiders, but they also love to put english on

their products and advertisements. this means that they will not ask a foreigner for help with their english

unless it is the absolute last option, and even then they usually won’t ask. What does this mean? It means that

we have daily opportunities to laugh our little hearts out. the following are just a few of the more recent


while riding on an airplane, we were given a…

chinglish 2

“wet turban needless wash” before out meal, and then were greeted by this toothpick.


chinglish 4

when we took a boat, we tried to read the rules, but we never finished because our eyes were full of tears with



chinglish 6

i still can’t imagine what “mentalitiness drunkard” means. at a store in a city that we were visiting, we saw this

sign and finally realized why nobody has facial hair around here…


chinglish 3

everyone has to deposit their beards before they go in! at a restaurant we got a little concerned when they were

arguing that fresh fruits are sea parks…from the Lord.


chinglish 9

not only is fresh fruit a sea park, but green grass can “dread”!


chinglish 8

one day I burned the food that i was cooking when i read this label on our vent hood. i laughed too much.


chinglish 7

calm aspirate? fat leak fefend? Me no understand. later i found a french press for only $4, and the box was worth

so much more…


chinglish 1

i’ve been on the look out for a flinty snake melon ball ever since. be sure not to collide the hard object!

last but not least, is a gift from our very own US consulate. even they are too proud to ask for help with their

english. we went to fill out some adoption paper work, and got this…


chinglish 5

the whole time we were there, we “licensed” for “you” number.

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