november is…

national adoption month!

…and both of our mom’s birthdays!

so in honor of national adoption month & i guess in honor of our mothers who did not adopt us, but loved us anyway 😉 we say a prayer for our child who will be adopted.

we pray especially for our little one this month. we ask that you would protect her physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually. we pray that you would even now be whispering your love into her heart, that she may grow in grace and in your truth. we pray that you would use the hands of her caretakers to feed her, comfort her and warm her… and that you would be her shelter. and we praise you for the gift of adoption. for the gift of waiting in expectation of such a special, undeserved gift. please continue to use this wait to mold us into parents she deserves. amen.

and in honor of national adoption month we want to keep you informed!
here’s a few parenting & adoption books that have helped us thus far… (remembering it’s all theory!)
“babywise” -ezzo & bucknam
“holding time” -martha welch
“attaching in adoption” -deborah gray
“shepherding a child’s heart” -ted tripp
“the post-adoption blues” -folli & thompson

all the books listed were recommended or given to me… so all may not apply to your specific situation.

and let us not forget the most beautiful aspect of adoption. it’s not just about a child gaining a home or two people becoming parents. it’s about being heirs, though undeserving we are (romans 8:23).

adoption simply put is sacrificial love.


2 thoughts on “november is…

  1. I didn’t know it was adoption month: how cool! I know she’s always on your heart. Can’t wait to meet this much-loved child. Love you guys!

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