we’ve got the yuck…

(written by jennifer’s alter-ego)

the last couple of weeks have been down right yucky!  jennifer got the ‘yuck’ – a serious & very fun-deprived cold last week.  immediately she began taking antibiotics trying to hurry & kick it in the rear before it kicked her into bed.  the high powered pills did little more than allow her to function on low.  and then of course when she ran out of the pills it decided to hang on for dear life…

at about this time jarod also got the ‘yuck’ – unfortunately the house, nor life runs well when you both have the ‘yuck’… but jarod being the trooper he is continues to push through.  after all, if it hasn’t claimed his life, he’s not going to let it act like it has!

jennifer, being the wimp that she is quickly, and maybe too easily (?) gives into the illness.  her excuse is she has learned when to rest her weary body… so rest she has!  😉

so i guess until the ‘yuck’ passes check out the pictures on flickr (right hand scroll bar)… it’s the best these 2 yucky sloths can do!


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