“plan a…” 计划 a…

when we were married we foolishly had a plan for our lives… we didn’t realize at that time that life doesn’t heed to our plans!  but we do now, o boy, do we!

1999’s “plan a”- enjoy marrital bliss for 5 years while we grow up (yes, at 21 & 23 there’s still a lot of growing up that needs to take place!).  at the 5 year mark began having children.  ‘having children’ included our desire to adopt from china – as soon as they deemed us old enough.  though we didn’t think too much of it at the time, i’m sure acquiring a bigger house (payment) and bigger car was as much a part of “plan a” as jarod continuing his job as an architect.

“plan a” distrupted- about the 4 year mark of our marriage we began looking into adoption (first from china, then from various countries) while simultaneously we began ‘trying’ to conceive.  we bought a baby room full of furniture, painted the spare room and lived life to the fullest as we waited for God to fill our order.  the order for children (via adoption or birth) remained unfilled.  at 5 years we sold our house & everything in it, preparing for our big move to the east.  this included jarod quitting his job & both of us learning how to let go.  in 2005 we moved to the big c.  at that point we believed children were still ‘just a matter of time’ in their coming… and we began our wait for jennifer to turn 30, at which point we could turn in our paperwork to apply for adoption through china.  our order for children (via birth) remained unfilled.  but our hope grew as years quickly passed and jennifer turned 30, allowing us the dream of applying for adoption.

“plan a” in transition- originally we were told we would be holding our baby within a year of jennifer’s 30th birthday.  her 31st birthday came and went leaving a bitter taste of disappointment as our hoped for child continued to allude us.  that was 6 months ago, and we are now hoping to have her by jennifer’s 32nd birthday – june ’09.  as for getting pregnant… we are still waiting while carefully evaluating the reality of our situation – is this in fact God’s “plan a” for our lives. 

though “plan a” has seen many revisions we have learned to trust our Heavenly Father no matter what; knowing that His will is best.  during the early years of “plan a”, we said the same thing, but really meant “we trust our Heavenly Father to provide kids when we want them”.   he’s done a great job of thoroughly driving our self centeredness (in that area of our life) far, far away.

what “plan a” really is- the place that we come to where we say with all of our hearts – his will be done!

labor o love


2 thoughts on ““plan a…” 计划 a…

  1. this whole J & J was too funny/heart wrenching and wonderful to read what your Dad is doing with you two “kids.!” i miss yoll more now that i have seen you–come home!! just six months to go-
    and i still want some of those house shoes!!–8 pair in size 8–i will pay good money for them!!
    Angie R had surgery did well and is home now–that was such a great trip one i will carry forever but i still want to go to your hometown–your love for it is just powerful–
    i am looking so forward to “howdy” time and i know it will he here soon but not soon enough-
    i will personally stock my freezer with Blue Bell–what is your favorite flavor??–maybe we should plan a Brenham with all the crew from the trips and eat Blue Bell together!!–and i wouildnt’have to take a passport to lose!!–we mnight even let Angie go if she is not too bossy!
    i continue to pray for the Little Beautiful Butterfly and pry He will give you the desires of your hearts.
    Love to both of you-
    (i am just now rested up from the great wall but could still go for some of that crazy Pearl Market shopping!!

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