jdavis2with a week until Thanksgiving Day we wanted to share with you some of the reasons we are filled with thanks-fullness this season.

jarod’s list:


1. can NOW readily buy toilet paper with a hole in the middle – this has not always been true in fusion
2. little panda’s (our dog) spaying didn’t work – yeah for pups!
3. family that’s committed to us in spite of the time-space continuum
4. friends that stick closer than a brother (proverbs 18:24)
5. world-wide church & diversity within it
6. internet banking
7. house that faces south – for optimal sunlight
8. jennifer’s smile lines
9. God’s salvation & his sense of humor
10. sunday afternoon naps

jennifer’s list:


1. i thank God for how he created me – even my big nose, as it is a “design” of great admiration on the east side
2. mid-day! as morning seems to be my enemy & night my adversary
3. every day of good health! health: something you take for granted until you lose it!
4. refining fire – every day that i wisely chose (some days not so willingly) to jump into the refining fire brings me the reward of purification… i am not content to stay the same
5. internet! it allows me to talk and shop (sometimes simultaneously) for a minimal fee… minus a few years of my life dealing with computer drama
6. insanely faithful people who have come my way via friends & family – i hope i can only match your level of insanity!
7. made to order husband! God did an amazing job when he created jarod custom fit for me!
8. words, words, words! i love ’em! (though i claim a healthy love/hate relationship with chinese words) mostly though i love THE WORD as it continues to baffle me how poignantly HIS WORD speaks directly to my heart, my life & my circumstances!
9. the unlovable – for through the sacrifice & service of learning to love those who i have found less than absolutely loveable i have learned to love as my Heavenly Father loves me!
10. human flight! i’m so thankful that the days of a “slow boat to china” are over!


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