the wonderer…

as a child my dad nick-named me “the wonderer”.

this is how the nick-name came about:
me: “what’s for dinner?”
dad: “get in the car.”
me: “where are we going?”
dad: “why do you need to know?”
me: “i’m just wondering…”

my parents rarely revealed to me the where or whys of anything we did. so, being an inquisitive child i was always wondering…

many years later i find myself wondering again.
who are our blog buddies?
what’s their story?
and why do they read ours?
do they know that they can leave a comment?
do they know they can leave a comment on any post?
do they know the comment link is located next to the title of every single post?
if they do know, why don’t they leave a comment?

and i can’t help but wonder why we always have to remind our parents to look on our blog…
i wonder if they know they are the people we began this thing for in the first place?

always wondering…
~the wonderer


4 thoughts on “the wonderer…

  1. I keep up with ya’ll! But I actually DO comment from time to time, so I hope you know it’s me. 🙂 Whenever I wonder, “What’s going on with JD2?” I just tune in to your blog. Thanks for keeping it up so regularly. Love you!

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