one of our first christmas traditions we put into practice once we were married was “the filling of the stocking”…

the filling of the stockings goes something like this – you & your mate (& children who are of age) go to the nearest wal-mart or target – or any of a thousand over packed, get-everything-you-could-ever-want-in-one-place store.  the point is to go to a store that has a wide variety of stuff… and big enough to spend an hour in without running into each other.  this year we went native (since we don’t have the equivalent to wal-mart in our city) & went to the night market down town.  kudos for us thinking outside the “box”!

ok, so once you get to that can-buy-everything place you make a deal.  our deals usually went something like this:  “$30 in 30 minutes, meet at the front [of the store].”  you could vary it according to the degree of challenge you are up to partaking in & increase/decrease time and/or amount allowed to spend.

then we split up, going crazy, searching for all those little things that will add up to, but not go over our budget, but still fill up the stocking.  🙂  of course you might end up with a christmas tree shaped pen or a pair of socks… but you might also be surprised with a movie on dvd or cd you’ve been wanting.

it’s good fun… and at the end of a relatively short period of time you will have accomplished another one of your items on your christmas to do list!

jarod's stockingjennifer's stocking









…and here’s to starting your own stocking stuffing tradition jdavis2 style!


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