many of you probably know about this very cool program… but being the tech-challlenged person i am i was excited to hear that there was something out there for people like me. “photoshop for dummies” is how to describe it.

unfortunately it doesn’t do all the way cool stuff that photoshop does, it is however free! and free ware is good enough for me!

with the click of one button this already beautiful picture was transformed into… well the exact emotion i was experiencing when i took it.

falling 1

 below is exactly how i felt as yet another winter began to creep in upon us…

falling 2

and for all you blogspot.com-ers good news! picasa works in conjuction with blogspot…
…once again lamenting our decision to go with a different blog supporter.

thanks picasa! besides an easy one step process to cropping my pictures, i’m especially grateful for your expertise of removing “demon eyes” from every one of my photos!  😉


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