follow me…

if you’re like me, you like life to be simplified… which also means finding a way to make technology serve me instead of the other way around!

if you’re like me, you ALSO like to have easy access to your family & friends… and you like that access to be painless and quick.

if you fall into either or both of these categories pay attention ’cause i think i have found one such time-saving, staying-in-touch, piece of technology!

it is called google reader.  and this is how it works:
1.  go to  2.  type “google reader” into the search engine  3. create an account <now is where the disclaimer comes in.  for one, i hate setting up new accounts!  but the service that is offered is well worth it!  also, at this point you’ll have the option to begin your own blog via  if you don’t know what that is or if you already have a blog, simply ignore the invitation.  if however, you want to join the millions of people in bloggy land, feel free to join us.  either way, no pressure!>   4. simply add in all of the wonderful blog addresses you like to follow <don’t forget to add us to your list!>  …AND LASTLY…5. add your new found time-saving, staying-in-touch, piece of technology to your favorites page <located on the upper left side of internet explorer and is disguised as a star with a plus sign>

***i apologize that i was not able to simplify this even further… as i’m having internet trouble!***
(which is also the reason for the delayed post.)
pretty ironic, wouldn’t you say!?!

now that the hard part is over… you can enjoy your handy work.  simply visit your favorites page as often as you like.  the most up-dated posts from all your bloggy friends will be in one nice & tidy & easy to read location!

if  you’re like me, you’ll visit it daily… and wish you had fallen for this little piece of technology sooner!


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