a rant…

our frustrations with electronics may begin at the computer, but they certainly don’t end there!

in our home we have a dvd player, a vcd/dvd/tape player and a dvd drive attached to our computer. amazingly enough, at seemingly random moments they have all failed to read a disc, recognize a disc, and/or continue playing the disc already in.
recently all 3 refused to work, leaving us with 3 worthless & broken dvd players and several waitingtobeviewed new movies.

last week my camera seemingly got stuck on a picture & would not resume function until i erased the one picture on it. of course, i thought this was strange, but chalked it up to my bad ‘luck’ with electronics.
today, my computer wouldn’t read the camera’s memory card, which now has many pictures on it. all of them, at this moment in time, inaccessible.

currently jarod is using our one piece of exercise equipment – a treadmill. yep, you got it – it too has decided to forgo functioning properly. the belt has successfully slipped itself off course and is now grinding itself against the the side, wearing out the motor and tearing up the belt.  and to make matters worse, the treadmill got tired of exercising & just shut itself off!  so much for machines serving us!

furthermore, our big boy laptop still doesn’t turn on and this, relatively new mini-laptop still continues to overheat & spazz out. as of yet, dell has sent us a zillion things to do before they send us ‘support.’ truth be told, been tempted to throw it all out the window & just be done with it.

i’m starting to think that blue bell isn’t enough of an incentive to keep my temper in check…

chocolate chip cookie dough blue bell ice cream… chocolate chip cookie dough blue bell ice cream… chocolate chip cookie dough blue bell ice cream…

*sorry that once again there’s no pics*hope you understand*again*



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