frozen bike stories 冻车故事

it was -16 degress c (about 3 degrees f) this morning when i went to unlock my bike, and discovered why i should take a cup of warm water with me…can you guess why? (see “a” below)

while riding i discovered why i should wear a mouth cover without sunglasses. can you guess why? (see “b” below)

i also discovered why my bike should be set in the one gear that i like the most.  can you guess why? (see “c” below)

when ice is on the road, it’s important to wear a big fluffy down jacket. can you guess why? (see “d” below)

what is the best tool to carry on your bike at all times? (see “e” below)


a – to melt the ice that is in the lock cylinders.

b – the mouth cover keeps my nose from frostbite, and if my sunglasses are on – they will fog up and cover with ice in just 2 breaths.  granted, while riding my eyes wish my sunglasses were on, but my nose, lungs and chin are glad the mouth cover is on.

c – the gear shifter (which was a piece of junk to start with) is hopelessly frozen stuck until next spring.

d – besides the fact that it’s -16, a big fluffy jacket does a better job of breaking the fall of the big fuzzy american who’s bike slipped out from underneath him when a crazy taxi driver tries to run him of the road.

e – a plastic bag.  it keeps the seat from getting ice on it at night and then melting onto your backside later on since it’s almost impossible to scrape off the seat before you get on.  it also holds up parts of the bike that are sagging until you can get it fixed with sub-par parts that will inevitably break in a few short weeks.

bag bike


2 thoughts on “frozen bike stories 冻车故事

  1. Jason got $10 sunglasses at academy that have padding around the frames so your breath doesn’t get inside and fog it up and wind can’t get in the side. Nice. Cheap. Effective. Now if only you had an Academy. 🙂

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