national organize your home day…

january 14th is the official day to organize your home!

as we just recently had our 4 year post-h-town anniversary we couldn’t help but notice how much stuff we have! have you ever noticed that stuff always finds a way into your life? it seeps into our lives via gifts, decorations, traditions?

as we look forward to packing away our lives in the not-so-distant future we’re already dreading the days of dealing with all our stuff. even though we had such humble beginnings on the east side (mostly clothes, a year’s supply of oatmeal, and necessities) our home here has become very full.

in an attempt to de-clutter and make the most of what we need and want to fill our home and lives with we bought this book to help us get started.

this is our humble attempt at owning our stuff and not letting it own us!

we’ll let you know how it goes…  😉

and for now – goodbye.  stuff.


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