33 things i love about you on your 33rd birthday…

(on january 25, 2009 jarod celebrates his 33rd birthday)

king for the day

1.  your eyes with their way cool flecks of orange.
2.  how you wink at me from across the room. it always makes me feel extra special.
3.  your “battle wounds” (aka scars) and how you have a fascinating story for each and every one.
4.  your hair. i love everything about it, especially the silver coming in.
5.  your manliness. even with all that body hair, i appreciate how you exude “man” from every pore of your being.
6.  your physical strength. i always feel safe with you by my side, in front or behind me (after all i am a total klutz!). i love how you tower over me…
7.  you are the master of silly songs. i love how you can so easily entertain me… and yourself!
8.  your smile. you don’t know how to fake it, which makes your smiles all the more awesome.
9.  you are a morning person.  one of us needs to be!  and you take the dogs out every morning… and never complain about it.
10. the way you wake me up. you are always gentle… which is the way it should be when waking a bear!
11. i especially love those daydreaming/pillow talk chats we get to have on occasion.
12. i love how you also like my favorite movies.
13. you like sports. but your life is NOT sports.
14. love that you love to read.
15. you believe in me.  you really do think i’m smart – glad to know i’ve at least fooled one person!
16. your quiet time doesn’t consist of a morning devotion, but it is an all day, living-it-out experience.
17. you are trustworthy. from money to feelings i know i can believe what you say and do.
18. you trust me. there is freedom in you always thinking the best of me.
19. you’re frugal! i love that money has never been a source of contention in our marriage.
20. you are a dreamer… and you dream big! as a detail kinda girl you always give me a big picture to fret about.
21. you are impulsive… though your reins are often hard to hold on to, you keep life fresh and you see it as an adventure. i need that!
22. you support me. you paid for my college and when i wanted to write a book you gave me the time needed. if i want to try a new hobby, you encourage me. you encourage and foster my ambitions.
23. you are committed to me and to making our marriage successful. whatever it takes.
24. you value communication. i love that you are also a talker! if i need you to call 5x a day, you do it.
25. you’re growing – spiritually. i love how you make a point to pray together each night. i especially love how you take the lead, it prevents dosing!
26. you are so incredibly likable! i have never met a person who didn’t love you. even my own mother likes you more!
27. you take care of me. these last 4 years have placed you in the surprise role as caregiver… and you haven’t shied away yet. you’re an excellent nurse!
28. you’re a calculated risk taker. though many thought your calculations were off, i for one, am glad you took a risk on me!
29. your ability to show pda (public displays of affection) – you certainly have come a long way baby!
30. you are a hard worker. ever since i’ve known you – from your days as a stocker, lifeguard, pipe fitter, student, architect, and student yet again – you have always given your all. i admire and appreciate this pervasive quality in your character.
31. you are a man of integrity. you’ve had plenty of opportunities to prove this to me and a watching world. i am proud of you for standing by your convictions in a world of shifting sand.
32. you are my other 1/2, my best friend. we truly have grown up together… and i guess in some ways we still are. i love you all the more because you have allowed me to join you on this journey!
33. you give me something to look forward to. be it parenthood, growing old together, or something as simple as a new or shared experience – you make it all worth it!

my love~
i love you.
happy 33rd birthday.
…and many more…
~your girl


3 thoughts on “33 things i love about you on your 33rd birthday…

  1. Jarod,

    Sorry we missed the day but I am sure you enjoyed it. Know that we think of you guys often and lift you up to Dad.

  2. That is such an AWESOME tribute you gave to Jarod it made my eyes get ‘wet’. I’m so proud that you have the LOVE-OF-YOUR-LIFE and I am also proud to say that I have an AWESOME son-in-law taking care of my little girl. I LOVE YOU BOTH. Happy belated birthday Jarod!!! I LOVE YOU

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