west side: to & fro…

recently we made a whirlwind trip to america.  it consisted of many days on the road visiting all of our grandparents (who are all now over 80 and one pushing 89!), seeing in person our nephews and a niece who has been born since we’ve been here, witnessing jarod’s younger brother become a daddy for the first time, lots of restaurant food, a lesson in NOT drinking well water, a few trips to barnes & noble, a group party with old friends, and a reunion with some friends who are more like family.

here’s a quick tour of our crazy visit:

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our visit did NOT consist of rest.  🙂

so if we didn’t get a chance to hook up on this most recent trip (sorry we missed you k clan) know that you were probably spared… we weren’t exactly in best form.  we are NOT a fan of jet lag!

how was america, you ask?  the only way i know to describe it is – it was much like deja vu.  i kept thinking ‘i’ve been here before… but it still doesn’t seem quite right.’

for all of you who missed us (& whom we missed) we’ll be back in the fall.  we look forward to seeing you all then… post-jet lag!



2 thoughts on “west side: to & fro…

  1. cool scrap book thingy! im guessing this is kinda what you were talking about ….. somebody should make my husband buy mediocre cameras so i can play too!
    much love.

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