what happened at 33?

as many of you are (all too) aware, i have many digestive problems.

recently i was scouring the internet looking for some information concerning my latest ‘developments’ when i clicked on a website that seemed to offer the information i needed.  as my page loaded i stepped away from my computer… but something on the screen caught jarod’s attention.

according to google, this particular website promised all the info i was seeking, but there was so much more.

in fact, it also offered t-shirts advertising the website.  at this point i was still out of the room… but this is the conversation that insued:

jarod:  “did you know that this website sells t-shirts?”
jennifer: “no. why?”
jarod: “the t-shirts say ‘poopreport.com'”
jennifer: “that’s funny.”
jarod: “no it’s not. it’s gross. they even have graphics.”
jennifer: “wait a second… 4 years ago you would have bought that t-shirt in a heart beat. no questions asked.”
jarod: “well i’m 33 now.”

question: how do things you thought were funny from 3-32 suddenly become un-funny at 33?

p.s. i did not buy a t-shirt, nor did i view the site. which also means i never got my answer to my digestive question. bummer.


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