book recommendations…

recently i found myself recommending these 3 books to various people…

i can almost guarantee that one of these books will pertain to everyone in our viewing audience.

so for those who i recommended a book to, but quickly forgot the title, and for those of you seeking a better understanding of the world around you, i invite you to read:

connecting by l. crabb
“in his most significant book to date, dr. larry crabb expands on his lifelong work in the field of psychotherapy to adopt a groundbreaking, but biblical, approach to healing the deep wounds of the soul-an approach that centers around building intimate, healing mini-communities in our lives and churches.”

boundaries by cloud/townsend
“in order to call themselves good christians, many people have drawn overly flexible boundaries (unwilling to say no, always accommodating others’ needs) or overly rigid boundaries (to the point of being righteous and judgmental). psychologists and inspirational speakers cloud and townsend show readers how to set reasonable boundaries in order to follow the true path of christianity.”

emerging adulthood by j. arnett
“this [secular] book is a critical guide. it is useful for understanding the experiences, the challenges, and the potential of those who have left adolescence and have not yet entered adulthood.”

hope you find these recommendations helpful…


One thought on “book recommendations…

  1. Hey Jennifer!

    I loved this last P.P.! I am truly estatic at all the good news of fruit and what sounds like a refreshing that y’all have experienced. (I have certainly been prying for y’all, especially since seeing you, as I’m sure many others have…it’s just so good to hear good news. The tone of what I’m reading from y’all reminds me of of a wilted plant out on the porch the morning after a heavy rain…Refreshed. Vibrant. Lovely. :)) All of that (which I meant to say in an e-mail) leads me my REAL comment: I love that you’re posting about books, and I’ve actually just ordered two books after reading your recommendations: Connecting, and then another one by Crabb that just came out in May called Real Church, or something like that — how’s that for a short term memory?! Argh! — Anyway, it looks really good. I want to get the other two you list here, but I’m going to have to spread out my shopping a little bit and be a good girl :).

    Oh – and I finally read some Frank Peretti, This Present Darkness and then also Piercing the Darkness. Have you read them?? If so, I wonder what your thoughts were.
    (Hey, Check it out! We could have our own little online reading circle, if we wanted to! Let’s get Tamrynn and some others signed up and it could be like old times..minus the tuition, paper deadlines, and anti-Dad rhetoric! Woohoo! 🙂 🙂 :))

    ❤ ❤ ❤ corrie

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