if all else fails…

i want a monkey.

recently jarod & i had a heart to heart… and our conversation went something like this:

me: i’ve decided, if this adoption thing never comes to pass i want a monkey.
jarod: what!?!
me: well you see, i’ve always wanted a monkey…
jarod: so! they throw poo!
me: i was thinking, if i can’t be a mother to a child, i can at least pretend with a monkey.
jarod: no way!
me: it’s not up for negotiation. (enter big, mischievous smile)
jarod: where is this coming from?
me: i really want to be a mommy.
jarod: ok, you can have one… when i die.

so, now we have an agreement.

when i die, jarod gets a tattoo.
when he dies, i get a monkey.

i’d rather have tattoo-less jarod & our lil’ red butterfly.

so for now, i’ll settle with a sock monkey.
which, believe it or not, makes me very happy!


(not quite the same!)


3 thoughts on “if all else fails…

  1. You guys make me laugh. Yes, I used to think a monkey would be fun…until I watched them a little more closely at the zoo. They ARE gross! Onetime I saw an orangutan urinate into another one’s mouth. Do you really want that Jennifer? Ha!

  2. Cheeta was a great monkey. Tarzan and Jane lived in the jungle though. Lots of room for Cheeta to go to the bathroom! HA!HA! Sock monkey sounds good. I’m with you on a tattoo-less jarod and your lil’ red butterfly. Much better idea!!

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