new verses old 新相对旧

when we came to east asia over 4 years ago, we knew that we could not buy deoderant.  i (jarod), being the perspirer that I am, knew that I would have to carry some heavy artilery thus we brought over dozens of sticks of “degree” deoderant – both his and hers versions.  my deoderant ran out months ago, and ever since i have had the joy of smelling “powder fresh” – which by the way is much better than the alternative of going “al-natural”!  there are 2 amazing parts to this story.

first, degree really is strong enough for a man.  people get the priveledge of smelling me powder fresh instead of rancid death.  secondly, these things were manufactured in 2004, and they expired 3 years ago and yet they still work as if they were new. 

last month was our first trip back to the states, and we were able to procure a few new sticks of manly deoderant, but in typical asian fashion – i will still use the old before i use the new.  🙂

old and new


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