bye bye Bible 拜拜圣经

an ode to my bible:

bye bye bible wherever you are, you were in my bag on bus 118,

but a thief thought you were a man-purse wallet thingy,

thus in slyness and swiftness of a hand he sliced my bag and took you away,

i was almost finished reading you in two languages, but the thief will have to finish now!

i hope that you will speak to him, and through you he will find the Truth.

i hope that he uses the notes inside of you to better understand what you have to say,

and that you will be read over and over again.

i hope that the thief becomes my brother.

this is the second time that somebody has destroyed my stuff to steal my bible.  the first time happened in houston, tx.  they knocked out the window of our truck to steal it.  cost: window $200, bible $10.  the second time?  cost: bag free, bible $20.  at least the second time the bible was worth more than the item that was destroyed.  🙂


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