and now back to lu…


not long after we moved to the east side i fell way behind in language learning. besides being a bit slow in the memorization department (oh how my elementary school math teachers loathed teaching me!) i was consistently sick for the first 3 years here!

at first the school was gracious enough to supply a 1-on-1 tutor, mr. lu.  but soon enough i realized that i was paying for a lot of missed sessions. this ‘realization’ came about the same time mr. lu left for a visit to the states.  in due time i found a friend who agreed to assist me when i was feeling well enough to study.  it was a glorious arrangement, and much to my friend’s persistence i made headway on what i can only describe as “an impossible language.”  even so, illness continued to plague me and disrupt my attempts to progress.

last year about this time i had surgery (again) in hopes of correcting the problem that was causing all the other complications.  and in typical fashion my friend moved to another city to be near family.  in some ways it seemed like a natural time to cut back a little since we had been expecting to receive our referral of lil’ red butterfly… so needless to say, acquiring a language tutor was not (as i high as it should have been) on my list of priorities.

however, with the most recent developments: improved health + no systematic/structured learning environment = my language learning has run aground… unfortunately, i’m not the sort of person who can proudly proclaim to be self motivated – especially in the language learning department!

then one day while in the midst of fretting over losing my ability to speak i happened to run into mr. lu on the school campus… obviously, he was back from his stint in America!  it was nice catching up… though i was embarassed by how uncomfortable i felt speaking to him since i had lost much of what i once kinda learned.  even so, our meeting was brief and i went about my day, not thinking too much of it.

recently, as we’ve faced the possibility of not receiving our referral until AFTER we return to the states i’ve had a reality check.  though i’m sad that what i thought was going to be a time to prepare for & be with my baby… i realized that i have an awesome opportunity awaiting me.  i am now totally freed up to study the language – agressively!

ok, so i don’t know how agressive i’ll get… but i’ll certainly give it a try…

so the other day, as we were weighing all our language learning options i remembered my random encounter with mr. lu.  so thinking it might be a workalbe possibility i gave him a call.

and wouldn’t you know it?  he agreed to assist me.  oh, i hope he’s not too disappointed…  we’ll see soon enough!

here’s to dredging up the old soil and putting this ship back in the water.  let’s hope it sails!

…and now back to lu!


2 thoughts on “and now back to lu…

  1. You can do it! I think language usually isn’t lost. It’s just dormant. So you may not have to relearn that much. Yeah for a kind teacher!

  2. I think it’s great that you met up with Mr. Lu. As I figure it, that was in the plans that DAD had for you and also that you will be able to be more self-motivated. I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!

    I love you!!!!!

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