do i know you?

recently we went to the “big city”… we seem to be going there a lot more these days.  hmmm.

anyway, on our way home we boarded one of the many fusion buses that was waiting in line.  in an unusual turn of events (for us) we decided to forgo 3 other buses that were about to leave and instead opted for the nicer, newer bus.  it’s common for the buses here to play either karaoke, a shoot’em up movie or some sort of obnoxious comedy routine.  we have grown to appreciate the newer bus line that doesn’t LOUDLY boast it’s (blown out) surround sound.

at first, the driver refused to open the door of the bus for us… which is common practice when there are other buses in line before them.  but before we could decide which older (read: ratty) bus to board the doors popped open and we were welcomed on board the nice bus.  immediately the driver greeted us by name and started telling everyone (various workers he previously allowed to board) who we are (Americans), where we lived (meaning what apartment complex we live in), how long we have lived in fusion (4 years), what we’re doing here (language students), and of course, where we study (shiyouxueyuan).  it was nice to not have to answer those questions ourselves for the millionth time… but we were quite baffled as to how this guy knew so much about us.

bus driver

he eventually spilled the beans.  apparently his wife has a picture of us on display(!) at their house.

i had to ask the obvious question:  who is your wife?

his wife is one of the local seamstresses around town.  she’s been to our house to fit our couches for slip covers, altered dresses for me, and currently she is making 3 skirts and 1 dress according to pictures i pulled off the old navy website.  (i’ll post more on that after i get the finished garments).  and somewhere in the mix (which spans over 2.5 years of seamstress building relationship) she’s acquired a picture of us.

we’ve often wondered, how many other random people proudly display us in their homes?


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