purify me…

i mentioned earlier some of the reasons we needhelper.  or at least we need someone to wipe down every single surface every single day… but since that’s not really realistic, we needed a helper to come in twice a week to do that task for us.  even so, we can’t keep up with the layers of filth that settle on and in every surface.

to give you some idea of how dusty it is here i recently bought a computer cleaning cloth AND hand-held computer vacuum… and still if i don’t wipe or suck at least once a day it’s been too long.

pretty little dust cloth for a pretty computer

nice mini vacuum for a mini computer

after much deliberation (a big price tag is always “cause for pause”) we took the plunge and bought an air purifier.  we put it in our bedroom and use it while we sleep.  figuring that’s a good time to give our bodies & lungs rest.


over the course of 6 months i would randomly disassemble it, clean the “cloth” that encircled the “filter”… eventually i pulled the whole thing apart and to my amazement i found just how useful this little machine really is!

i had totally forgotten that the original “filter” was white!

comparison: old on top, new on bottom


now that’s money well spent!


One thought on “purify me…

  1. Love the mini vacuum! Did you get that locally or in the states? I wonder how often you’ll have to change the filter to keep it white?

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