trying to look my age…

this post isn’t so much about looking hagared or trying to look youthful.

this post is about shopping for clothing that assists me in looking my age – without making me look too much older or like an overgrown, busting-at-the seams wanna-be kid. 

recently, i’ve had quite a dilemma trying to find clothing that suits me… and my age.

for one thing, i still wear clothes i brought here (the east side) over 4 years ago.  and when i brought them over, very few of them were new.  so you get the point.  i’m wearing styles and clothes i bought when i was in my mid-20’s.

recently i’ve begun questioning if what i’m wearing is dating me in such a way as to cause me to appear “stuck” in that 20-something era.  however, as i’ve browsed around on-line i’ve encountered 2 very big obsticles to finding clothes that help me look my age.

1. the brands i used to rely on to ‘portray my personality’ seem now to all be geared toward 14-16 year olds.  even the so-called models are young girls who haven’t hit puberty yet.  they don’t even have hips for crying out loud!  i feel silly even trying to imagine myself in the stuff they’re wearing.  besides, i’ve lived through the 80’s – it wasn’t a good time.  there’s no reason to base my fashion sense off those bad times.  even though i was a huge thriller fan – the consensus is in: micheal jackson is out.

2. the other issue is most clothes that seem to be geared toward my age are career conscious and sophisticated.  both of which i am not.  an addition, i’m not a mom… so i don’t need maternity or mommy wear.  even looking at these more mature styles makes me feel older than i actually am.

one of the other obstacles i’ve encountered (especially in the women’s department) is the price tag.  but since large prices aren’t necessarily attributed to style of clothing i’ll get back to this later.

all that to say, at heart i’m still a t-shirt and jeans girl.  i lovelovelove simplicity… and comfort.

so in an effort to re-discover who am & what is acceptable for me to wear as a 30-something i did some research.  here are my finds:


sweater1 the buckle.  yes, that often overpriced store in the mall.  however, if you visit on-line you have the added bonus of going straight to their “sale” link where you can then “shop by price.”  i absolutely love this feature.  even in the $0-$25 dollar range i found some good stuff… most of which was a nice compromise between the fun youth look and the serious adult look.  and more good news:  only $5 shipping for every order.



Product Imagei still like target.  specifically the mossimo brand.  i especially appreciate that i can scroll down to the “design for all” tab and click the specific brand that i’m interested in.  good to know: mossimo also has some cute shoes available.  target is now touting the fact that it sells converse one star gear… which means you can pick up a fun pair of wear-with-just-about-anything shoes to go with your new look.  and converse are for all ages.  i also really like target’s screen tees, though because of my age i’m trying to lay off of them.  a little.  however, there is a warning with target: they’re not return friendly… so keep that in mind when spending your hard earned money.


George - Women's Cap-Sleeve Ruffle Blousewalmart.  the clothing department has come a long way in the past decade.  my favorite brand they carry is george.  it’s a little more sophisticated, without the stuffy.  you can find it under the “featured brands” tab.  you might also want to check out norma kamali (a new, promising brand) for some nice, not-too-grown-up pieces.  i especially liked the dresses.  though please, no matter what age you are, please stay away from the america’s next top model and puritan brands.  the names describe both of their styles very well.


before moving on the other side of the globe, i had never heard of this brand… but someone sent me a gift from there, forever21,  and so i decided to check them out on-line.  what i’ve discovered is that you want to go with the heritage 1981 brand… which is simple enough.  you get there by clicking the link at the top of the home page.  this site is certainly for the days you feel a spring in your step as the clothes are a little more edgy.



and of course, old navy still rocks.  though compared to 4 years ago, it’s a bit pricey.  my suggestion is always go strait to the “bargains” link for the best deals… and don’t forget the “shop by size” option – it’s a real life saver.  and remember my motto: “what i don’t know about, i don’t miss.”  that is, if you find something you like in with the regularly priced items but it’s out of your budget you’ll find yourself overspending or feeling frustrated.  avoid all that by keeping your focus on affordable clothing, meaning clearance items.


my favorite discovery during my research process was this website:  you got it, everything is $15!  and they have some great brands too, like rampage clothing line, chinese laundry accessories… and one i just discovered thanks to them, johnny martin (dress collection).  note: don’t let the homepage fool you.  click a link on the left to start searching for that special item… and always, keep in mind, everything is $15… which doesn’t mean everything is a bargain, but for someone like me, who loves to ‘hunt’ through marshalls and ross for a good deal, this is even more awesome, as i can bargain shop from across the world! 


that’s it for now… and don’t be shy if you know of other on-line sites that could be useful… also, feel free to share any 30-something tips you’ve got!


for those of you who want to try a completely new look or just want to look on for kicks… check out this very culturally appropriate website, asiajam.
and now you know why i buy my clothes on-line!



4 thoughts on “trying to look my age…

  1. I know just how you feel. I have run into the same problem when buying clothes…I def don’t want to look 20 but I certainly don’t want to look 60 either. So…I try to stick to classic styles. I love t’s and jeans…but my fave thing to wear these days…is a really cute skirt. I have believe it or not…found some really cute things at forever 21 when I go shop with the girls…but hands down…ross is my fav place to shop. Gap comes in @ a close second…when I can hit there outlet stores.

    I hope that helps…love ya ❤

    ps…you could wear a potato sack and look good!!!

  2. i used to think buckle was really pricey – but i discovered its only expensive when it comes to jeans – everything else is pretty good prices. now, im not a 30something-but i think a modest 20something looking for something not teenie bopper or soccer mom can relate 🙂
    i remember there’s a zara’s in beijing. i love love love zara. too bad you can’t shop online. really cool styles – good price. we will go when you return. i also like fossil & anthropoligie, but they are splurges cause they aint cheap. for a good combo of quality & price, try & yes, ross & marshalls for shoes for sure. i don’t really have the patience to shop for more there …

  3. I find this post really interesting. Personally, I’d be happy if we all wore scrubs – like a planet-wide uniform! ha ha. Perhaps that’s why I’ve had the same orange polartec since Junior year of college. 11 years to be exact. ha ha.

  4. Hey Jennifer!
    we all have our problems for sure!!

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