no intelligence allowed…

i’ve noticed that mostly the female type have been reading this blog, and i’m sure that has mostly to do with the fact that my beautiful wife carries the vast majority of the blogging load. however, today i will help her a bit and give the guys something to look at as well.

last night, we watched a documentary/movie that touched home for me. i (a former agnostic/athiestic hybrid college student) have gone through the difficult journey of rejecting established religion – to – questioning the authorities that be, who today happens to be the darwin-fundamentalists that won’t get off the dead horse of atheistic evolution, – to – rediscovering my Creator in a new light of love relationship with Him, and eventually having my feet firmly planted in the hope that is in Him alone.  this documentary was called “expelled: no intelligence allowed” by ben stein. 

very interesting, and it said what i already knew to be true.  in high school and college, there is free speech in the science classroom as long as you agree with the darwinian fundamentalists.  on one hand in college, i found atheism convenient to my immoral lifestyle due to the fact that if there truly is no god, then there is no absolute truth, and thus i never needed to feel guilty for my selfish behavior and arrogance.  on the other hand, i found a sense of hopelessness and emptiness in realizing that this universe is thus purposeless, and we are nothing more than matter that will one day be recycled into the cosmos.  the meaninglessness of it all drove me to searching for purpose and meaning that cannot be found in science.  in other words, “were we created for a purpose, or are we mere accidents and should only eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die?”  science can tell us a lot about “how” things are the way they are, but is pitiful when trying to explain “why”.   i later found jesus after searching many other faiths, and found that only in jesus do i finally have true purpose.  however, i did struggle for years believing the facts claimed in the bible, but one-by-one God blessed me in finding rational answers to my questions and planting my feet firmly on solid ground. 

i also found that the freedom that i thought i found in atheism actually sunk me deeper into the bondage that Christ wanted to free me from, and in an almost contradictory way – the boundaries that Christ set for me when i put my faith in Him actually set me free from the bondage and shame that i had voluntarily subjected myself to in my rebellious years. 

anyway, i highly recommend this movie to anyone who genuinely wants to find truth for what it is.  


One thought on “no intelligence allowed…

  1. because i am the wife of one dustin hatfield – i can share that: ben stein interviewed rc sproul (or maybe it was the opposite) regarding this movie. that was pretty interesting too. i’ll try to get him to send or post the link

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