my newest hobby…

i have a new hobby! it only took me 4 years to decide what to do with all that pent up creative energy… ok, so i’m not so creative but i do love pretending to be. in the 5 years we lived in our home in la porte, we re-did every room in our house twice. it certainly felt like we were having to squelch our creative juices when we moved to the east side.  for one, we owned nothing.  we live in an apartment.  meaning, all the furniture, even some of the decorations and certainly the “style” belonged to someone else.  we have since taken steps at creating a home that reflect us… but still, i miss re-creating myself, my space whenever, however i want.

my antidote: photoshop.  thanks to this nifty program, my big, beautiful computer, and a supportive husband i have become a digital scrapbooker!

it’s so incredibly awesome!  i don’t know if you’ve ever done scrapbooking… but it’s nothing like it!  no killing yourself to cut the papers to the perfect size, wrestling with gluing pictures in place, worrying about misspellings… and no shedding all your dough on scrapbooking supplies!  and if i don’t have you convinced of how wonderfully convenient this little hobby is maybe this will help: all the space you need is on your computer and you can create & re-create as much as you want!  nothing is permanent until you decide you want it to be permanent!

here’s a look-see at the desktop layouts i created for april:


and may:




5 thoughts on “my newest hobby…

  1. I love your idea of doing pictures on the computer! I will have to talk to you more about this. How did you learn? Is it Photo shop? I am not real familiar with this program! Your pages turned out great!

  2. Way to go, J! I’m super impressed and now inspired to try. Will you teach me how to do it? 🙂 I like the idea of no paper, cutting, or glue! Sending love and hugs.

  3. i explained to dustin in detail like two weeks ago all the reasons why i need a point & shoot – not some ubber techy camera. i still don’t think he cares to own one – but he now knows what to gift me in the holidays to come!

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