summer temperatures in the frozen tundra…

it’s amazing… we can’t believe it… spring has given way to summer!

we’re currently sporting our favorite sandals and summer gear!  today’s high was 85!

jd2 in the park

this picture was taken on may 1st.  you can see we had already traded in our heavy coats for light weight jackets.  notice the spring blooms in the background?  so sad that spring ended so soon… but then again, i love warm weather!

you may be wondering: why is this post worthy?  and to that i say: good question!

this is post worthy because our first year hear (2005) we were still experiencing cold weather up until mid-june.  as the years progressed we noticed the cold didn’t last as long as it had the previous year but we were still experiencing snow storms in april and usually at least 1 in may.  so as you can see, it’s quite strange that by may 6th we are living in summer clothes…

can you say: global warming?


2 thoughts on “summer temperatures in the frozen tundra…

  1. awww!!! beautiful pic…you guys as usual…look great. enjoy the gorgeous weather…global warming and all…miss…miss…you

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